What Should You Eat Before And After Workout?


Working out is a must to strengthen your body, but you will have to know the pre and post workout supplements before starting the exercise. You would have figured out the best protein shake recipe, and you would also be carrying a water bottle to hydrate yourself, but that isn’t enough.

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The best three things to have in mind are protein powder, pre-workout and post-workout supplements.

For a pre-workout look for products, as this has more of carbs and less amount of caffeine in it. The reason behind it is that they delay the tiredness and keeps you active. Post workout is equally important to pre-workout as it helps in a speedy recovery of muscles. Branched chain amino acids assist in repairing the tired legs and repairs the tired muscles.

Below is the list of constituents you need in a pre and post workout supplements.

Carbohydrates are mandatory to an athlete’s eating schedule mainly when you workout for more than an hour. Carbs help in providing energy to the muscles, and they get deposited as glycogen. When you feel tired, it means the glycogen in your body got emptied.
Carbohydrates are the instant way for your muscles to get the necessary energy. When your intensity of working out is higher, then you need more carbs to fuel yourself.

Having caffeine before a workout can make you feel energetic for a longer time than usual. Researchers have proved that consuming caffeine before a workout will increase the endurance. Check on your caffeine consumption. If you consume too much of caffeine, then you may feel nauseous and tensed. There is no right or wrong limit to caffeine intake, and it can be understood by pure trial and error. If you are caffeine sensitive you might not feel well better after consuming them. It’s better to refrain yourself from consuming this.

The role of vitamin C is to deal with stress either through cold or as a result of the tedious work out. This is because vitamin C is an antioxidant, which helps in managing metabolic stress. The added advantage is that Vitamin C prevents you from getting sick prior or post workout.

Being vitamin b12 deficiency is rare, but a deficiency in Vitamin B6 is pretty common. When your body is stressed out, then there are more possibilities of your nutrients to get depleted sooner.

Vitamin B aids in the creation of red blood cells and helps in making enough energy from food. It reduces the inflammation which in turn gives you a proper undisturbed sleep.

Tart cherry is available both in juice and powder form. In recent times it has become a super food as it increases the stamina in athletes. Whenever you are in pain, you can use them as it repairs your muscle damage as it has anti-inflammatory properties.