Sexual Conditions And Treatments


Sexually transmitted diseases are contagious but often underestimated on its severity. Many people think STDs will get cured on its own or try to self-treat them, but it never works out that way. There are Los Angeles STD testing centers where you can get yourself checked no matter whether it comes under insurance coverage or not.

If you are hesitant to go for STD, then you can understand the treatment better through which will ease out your fear.

You must consult a doctor and get bacterial STDs treated with the help of antibiotics if diagnosed in early stages. If the doctor has prescribed you antibiotics to treat an STD, then you should regularly take the prescribed medicines even after the symptoms has faded out. There are different types of STD, and the medicines used to cure one disease will not work out to cure other diseases. So it is not advisable to get your infection treated by taking someone else’s medication.

You should not take Viral STDs cannot be cured, but the severity of the symptoms can be reduced with the help of medications. If any STD does not infect you, then you can have hepatitis B vaccine as a preventive measure. This vaccine will not work if the disease has already infected you.

These tests will be covered by insurance, and if that’s not the case, the health center will not charge you for the tests.

STD treatments

HIV/AIDS is not a curable disease, and with the help of treatment, you can just keep the levels in check. The standard therapy given for HIV infection is antiretroviral drugs. A controversy still exists on when to start with the antiretroviral therapy. Doctors usually prefer to start the drugs in early stages to keep the virus in control while others prefer to start with the drugs later on as they tend to cause serious side effects and the body may develop drug resistance. You should have a detailed discussion with your doctor on when to start with the antiretroviral therapy.

Chlamydia And Gonorrhea
This kind of diseases can be treated with the help of antibiotics. You should start taking antibiotics if the tests reveal that you have these diseases or if you are exposed to people having such diseases no matter whether you have symptoms or not. When you are diagnosed with such diseases, then your sex partners should also be treated even if they didn’t start to have any symptoms.

If you are suffering from gonorrhea, then you may have to take more than one drug as a few strains of gonorrhea has started to become resistant to antibiotics. You should also advise your partner to seek treatment. Once the treatment has been completed, you should re-test at three months to confirm that you are free from any infection. If the diseases like Chlamydia or gonorrhea is not treated at the right time, then it may lead to damage of reproductive organs which leads to an inability to get pregnant.