Ideas For Choosing The Right Dog Carrier


When you planned for a vacation holidays, you can’t leave your dos alone at home. Even your pet doesn’t like to stay at home. Use Dog carrier which is a bag used to carry your dog when you are going for the long distance.

It is comfortable to carry your puppy or an adult dog in the dog carrier. This is the safe way of travelling with your puppy. Research must be done when choosing the best dog carrier not only for your pet convenience but also for its safety.

There are carrier bags with many types, colors and styles. Bitch New York is the online store offering doggie products, which is designed by professionals across the world. You can buy dog carriers, bags, apparels etc in their official website Here are the suggestions to choose the perfect carrier for your dog.

Small dog carriers are made up of variety of materials like leather, fabric, faux fur. The materials of the bag should give your dog to be convenient inside and the bag should be easy for you to travel.

Now the dog carrier has wheels and you don’t want to carry any more. Just pull the bag. You must also consider your dog weight when buying a dog carrier. If your dog is around 8 pound weight you can buy small dog carrier, medium size bag will be the perfect choice for dog with 15 pounds weight.

You can use the large size bag carrier for carrying your dog up to 30 pounds. You cannot use back pack to carry your heavy weight dog. For carrying these dogs plastic, wire and canvas models are available.

When you are traveling with your dog in airline ensure that the dog carrier must have ventilation, water and food, good locking system.