Why Fitness Trainers Are Talking About Landmine 180

landmines 180

Popularly called as Russian Twist, landmines 180 have been upvoted in www.everydayhealth.com for the immense abdominal strength that the exercise provides. Introduced in the Soviet Union, there are a wide number of athletes and warriors taking to Landmines 180 like moth to a flame. Notice a golfer’s swift drive; a boxer’s powerful jab; a swimmer butterfly stroke or player’s forearm swing. You can give the due credit to a Landmine 180 exercise for the strength it provides.

What Is Unique About This Exercise?
Your daily activities involve plenty of lunging, squatting, twisting, and pushing. Landmine exercises have proved to be beneficial for performing these movements. It helps your moves to be flexible and can be practiced with little ease. This workout helps weightlifters to perform any activity with least injury.

The next time you visit the gym, look for the landmine device that is probably stacked away in a corner. It requires less space but provides you with a host of health benefits.

Getting Started
To start off with your Landmine 180 exercise, place the bar on a landmine or fasten a barbell in a corner. Your feet must be placed shoulder-width apart, firmly on the ground. As if taking a plunge, grab the bar with both your hands and interlocking fingers. Extend your arms and with all your effort lift the bar. This forms your initial position.

In the same extended arm position, use your hips and trunk to twist the bar in a semi-circular motion. Ensure that your core muscles are firm during the exercise. Once you gain a foothold of the exercise, bring down the bar to your hip level when performing a rotation.

All users must start off with light weight and gradually switch to extra weights. Most of the landmine-tools are plate-loadable which is a boon for amateurs.

Benefits Of Landmine 180
Resistance training- Workout on your abs by incorporating resistance building exercises. This form of workout is known to build your oblique muscles and offers better core strength. Keep your arms extended until you start to feel a sharp pain in your arms. At this point start with a low weight and gradually increase them as you gain mastery.

Strength- If you are a warrior involved in flinging maces and grenades, your abdominal muscles should be strong. Include a Landmine 180 exercise to set the fast twitch muscle groups in action and add on to your overall survival power.

Eases your body- It is now easier for you to perform daily chores like axing a tree, playing a game or even fighting intruders at home.

Types Of Landmine Workouts
Landmine thrust- This form of exercise works on your legs, shoulders, butt and improves the overall body strength.

Landmine squats- When you practice this squat, you are subjecting your muscles and legs to increased endurance. If you are a beginner, this squat is recommended for you as it is easier than the conventional barbell back.

Rotational single-arm press: Build your body’s rotational strength and power with this versatile exercise. All baseball, tennis and golf players can take up this exercise to develop power.