A Brief On GHRP-2 Peptide


GHRP 6 peptide has the ability to increase the ghrelin, a hunger stimulating hormone that controls hunger through the release of GH. GHRP-2 is better than GHRP-6 as it comes with zero hunger stimulation, while on the contrary GHRP-6 comes with the side effects of hunger pangs. Yet GHRP-6 comes with the benefit of activating ghrelin. It is important to learn how ghrelin is related to growth releasing hormone called peptide. Though, the purchase of the peptide is still not legal as it is used for research purpose only. To gain more information on proteins, amino acids and peptides look into http://www.academia.edu/5605402/Amino_acid_peptides_and_proteins

Ghrelin regulates GH secretion and is produced by the stomach and is control by the nutritional intake of the individual. It is studied that ghrelin increases with fasting in expectation of a meal. This is one of the reason why GHRP-6 is related with extreme hinger as it imitates the impacts of the hormone ghrelin giving a feel that the stomach is deprived of food. GHRP-2 also does the same but the researchers were able to trace back to the hunger side effects. Though, it does not say that hunger is not increased with GHRP-2, infact it will in test animals.

Functioning of the peptide
The polypeptide chain is made of six amino acids and it is a growth hormone stimulating peptide. The hexapeptide stimulates the ghrelin release and also strives to rectify the production of other low level hormones related to growth that is released from the pituitary gland. The mechanism promotes weight loss in test animals. GHRP-2 can be called the ghrelin agonist. It stimulates the secretion of growth hormones in two phases. First, it increases the growth hormones by amplifying the transduction pathway. Secondly, it inhibits the somatostatin action. All these action only go to prove that GHRP-2 is the ideal choice to increase growth hormone levels.

Usage for research purpose
GHRP-2 comes in the form of lyophilized powder similar to other peptides. It has to be stored in a cool and dry place, possibly in a refrigerator. It is mixed with reconstituted with sodium chloride or bacteriostatic water. It has to be kept in the refrigerator till it needs to be put to use. GHRP-2 is given in high dosage when needed. Though, research is in progress regarding the high dosage of the peptide. The injections are given to test animals around two to three times in a day in a dosage of 100mcg-300mcg for every injection. The GHRP is also used to access the pituitary pathway in animals to release the growth hormones.

Side effects of the peptide
Hunger side effects are closely connected with GHRP-2 and it has to be taken a note of. Moreover, this peptide increases the levels of cortisol and prolactin. This happens when the dosage is high in the test animals. The other possible side effects seen in the lab animals are sluggishness and tiredness on the first use of GHRP-2. Some of the other common side effects noticed in these animals include improved lean body mass, enhanced sleep, reduced body fat, high bone density and enhanced cellular repair. The GHRP-2 has shown both good and bad side effects and in comparison with GHRP-6 and Hexarelin it is considered to display mildest of side effects.