Consumer Reviews Of BioTrust Nutrition Supplements


Ic-5 is a BioTrust weight loss supplement that handles weight reduction entirely in a different way. Instead of acting as a laxative or decrease the appetite like the other weight loss supplement, it controls weight loss on the cellular level. The manufacturing company BioTrust is the trusted company that produces several health supplements using the natural ingredients so it is safe to consume their product.

This supplement also controls the blood sugar and sensitive to insulin. The supplement bottle contains 120 capsules and you should take the 120 tablets in a month. It is recommended to take two tablets twice a day along with your food in morning and afternoon. You don’t forget to take the tablets along with the carbohydrate items of your meal.

It enhances the insulin sensitivity receptors, managing blood sugar level, and also metabolism. Insulin hormone in your body manages your body blood sugar level. When you have too much of fat in your body for long years, eating plenty of carbohydrates and sugar-rich meal and taking more amount of processing food. This cause insulin resistance and it is hard to control the blood sugar level in the body.

The Little amount of insulin in your body improves the blood sugar level and it increases your weight and this can be treated effective using this weight loss supplement. It increases carbs uptake in the muscle cells and liver. It works to decrease the absorption of sugar in your body and also decline fasting insulin amount, blood sugar level and insulin resistance.

Once the insulin resistance is resolved, fat reduction is easier, fast and your metabolism can be normalized easily. In recent days many people are spending more time on physical workouts and follow a strict diet but still find it hard to reduce the weight. For such people, this is the ideal supplement for fat reduction in a short time without much struggle.

The manufacturers have chosen the ingredients after a great research and all the ingredients used in this supplement works collectively to manage blood sugar and thereby decrease the weight. The natural ingredients in this supplement include Zychrome, Berberine, Benfotiamine, Naringin and Cinnamon Bark Extract. The combination of all the above ingredients makes it a potent supplement for fat reduction. It facilitates to control the blood sugar level, transfers glycogen to the muscles thus preventing it accumulated as fat and boosts the insulin sensitivity, and also improving insulin creation levels.

It is produced after intense scientific research to boost insulin sensitivity, blood sugar control, fat loss etc. Since all the ingredients are completely natural, you can take two tablets, two times a day and there will be no serious side effects. You can take this supplement confidentially as long as you achieve your weight loss goal. It also supports the healthy blood sugar level.

It is better to check with your doctor before taking this supplement if you take other medications for any other health condition. Till now, no severe side effects have been reported against this supplement.