Choosing The Right Play Yard A Challenge

playing yardA safe and secure place for your baby to play or rest is the top priority. The play yard is the best tool to ensure the safety of your little one. These are collapsible and portable yards that can leave the mother with peace of mind. These are not square pens but are rectangular in shape giving your baby extra space and mobility. The play yard comes with detachable bars, and there is a whole lot of entertainment available inside like music, blinking lights, nature sounds and much more. These can be remote activated.

The play yard can be used as a changing station with additional table insert that fits on the side. There are changing tables with organizers that come with play yards. The storage shelves can hold baby wipes and diapers. The play yard is available with bassinet attachment especially for those babies that weight less than 15 pounds. These features can come handy but remember that the little ones with outgrowing this setup within no time. The setup can be useful for up to two years.

The play yard is designed using metal tubes. There is mesh on three or four sides of the play yard providing adequate ventilation for the baby. The models come with hinges and lock buttons located in the middle of the top rails. For the play yard to stay in place all you need to do is to the pull the top rail and lock it up. This is a folding design and to do so, you need to pull up the floor and raise the top rails simultaneously releasing and pressing the buttons to remove the latch so that the top rails collapse. The assembly and the dismantling information are available in the owner’s manual.

There is a play yard for all budgets. Check out for more information on the best pack and play. If you are tight on budget, you can let go off the accessories like bassinet insert and mobiles and yet get the best pack and play. The play yard without the accessories is available at an affordable price. The play yard is mobile and can be moved from one place to another using the wheels that can be locked or swivel casters. It is light weight and can be folded. This makes it easier to carry it anywhere you go. The whole unit can be packed and carried wherever you want to go. The unit comes with a carry bag facilitating to roll on the wheels.

There are two types of play yards available, basic and deluxe. Depending upon the accessories and attachments the price is determined. Basic is a lightweight model that does not come with extra attachments like changing station or mobile. On the contrary, Deluxe comes with a changing station and a bassinet. In addition to this, there are toy bars, canopies, and music tools available. A basic model can be lifted through the door and is portable. It can fit in the car boot. It comes with a travel bag. Deluxe weighs 25 pounds and comes with electronic mobile, vibrating mattress, music console, canopy, and a night lamp.

Types Of Guitar Amps And Their Features


If you are guitar player, then you will know the importance of guitar amplifier. Guitar amplifiers are generally categorized into two types – amp and regular amp. Practice amps are mainly intended for use in house or apartment. They are very low in power and come in small size. The regular amps are intended for use in rehearsals and concert. In this article we tell you the things that you need to check when buying small amps.

Solid-State Amps

Solid-state amps are found in most music stores and are used by many people for various reasons. First reason is that they are very affordable than many form of amps. Moreover, these amps produce more loud sound. Solid-state amps are great for producing clean tone, however, they cannot produce better distortion tone like tube amps.

Tube Amps

Tube amps, though they look very small, can produce loud and powerful sound. Even some of the 2-watt tube amps make a loud sound. As said earlier, tube amps are great for producing distortion; however controlling the volumes can be tricky. In the solid state amps, you will have separate channels for clean and distortion or you can even change the tone by pressing footswitch or button. In the tube amps, you have to adjust gain controls and volume to achieve the desired. Those, who are very new to tube amps, will find controlling the tone difficult.

Modelling Amps

Modelling amps are great for the guitarist, who wants to get the best tone without breaking their head too much. These amps come with pre-defined settings, means you do not need to adjust the volume knobs to achieve the best tone or sound. Some models uses real tubes to produce sound very similar to the real tube amps.

Following are some of the special features that you may expect from practice amp.

External speaker out – Some amplifiers come with small speaker to make carrying and transporting easier. However, you may need to connect to bigger cab to find out the true tone. External speaker out allow you amp to be connected with other speaker, when you need. You may also check to find more information.

Line out- This is a feature that allows your small practice amp to be used with a jamming session with a drummer.

Aux in – With this feature you would be able to connect other media or devices to your amp. For example, you can connect your PC, MP3 player, etc.

Headphone out – This feature will be very useful, when you want to play loud at night. You can just connect your headphone and listen you guitar sound personally without disturbing anyone. Remember that you should buy a quality earphone for better results.

You should keep in mind that all practice amps in the market are not same in terms of quality, features, and price. You need to choose an amp depending on your specification and requirements. Before shopping for an amp you should find out all your requirements, so that you can know the list of features that you need from an amp. To make things easy and simple, you can go through the reviews on the Internet.